I searched for you.

High and low.

Looked twice to make sure.

And then you appeared.

I made sure my view is not blocked.

You walked with power.

Made sure you didn’t look weak.

Strides wider, and steps, faster.

Somewhat like before,

But not like before.

I was searching for a smile.

A hop in your walk.

Happiness that irradiates.

But all I saw was

A forceful push forward,

As if you’re afraid to look back.

Careful, behind your shoulders.

Anger as the driving force.

I miss your grin.

And the way you stared at me,

As if you’re dead sure,

I was the most beautiful.

I miss your excitement.

Have you been on the grass?

How about climbing?

I miss Yuki.

The dog I never met.

Did the memories knock on your door?

Did you remember the things we laughed about?

Do you miss me too?

I miss the you that you hide within.

The vulnerable, “try to stay strong,

But crumbling inside person.”

Because thats the real you.

And I miss you.


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