They say that healing isn’t a linear process. One day you might think you’ve moved on and the next you’re not. Today is one of it.

There is never a time when you don’t cross my mind. The things we could do and how it’d be if you were still around.

I saw a post on a steak place and thought of you. I thought you’d love it there. And just when I was about to text, reality hits me and I start sobbing. We went to eat twice and you loved it. Remember?

I would really love to bring you to this one. Then I searched for the list of people I could bring instead. But it won’t be you and that is a bummer. I miss you.

Is it the same for you?

I couldn’t do certain things and meet certain people because it reminds me of you. And I don’t blame them for it but I have to stop meeting them so that I don’t pop their bubble as I tend to be sarcastic.

Hope you are doing much better than me.

Sometimes it gets overwhelming and I have this urge to go over and it’ll be okay again. Just like a bad dream.

Still thinking about you and your slipper.


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