The best feeling

Some people say,

The best feeling comes from,

The money rolling into your bank.

The purchase of a new purse.

Getting ahead in life.

Being sure of how the path manoeuvres.

Being sure of the rewards for an effort.

But I think the best feeling,

Comes from the rustle of the leaves.

And the summer heat right after winter.

The joy of splashing rain puddles.

And seeing evergreens in every inch.

The ideal of being present.

And the best parts are,

The little smile you make,

When cats or dogs snuggle into you.

The warmth after every chilly storm.

Your warmth when you gave me your jacket.

Your assurance when you gave me your word.

Your smile when you showed me your world.

I didn’t know that it might be.


That best feeling is you.


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