This website is designed to mimic a book. As such there are elements such as ‘Preface’, ‘Prologue’ and so forth. However, aside from formality, there are elements that is non-canonical to that idea of a book. Hence, the flexibility and dynamical flow of this website allows me to express myself in a way that feels right to me. Art is not to be confounded in a space so small but it is easier if everything is in one place. The concept was to ensure that my creative outburst can be found in this space. Although, somethings I prefer to keep private. But you, my visitors, have the privilege to catch a glimpse on what I have created. What is great about this is that, this book is continuously updated and always in suspense.

I am purely writing poetry as my main source of creative ignition due to its simplicity and to its ever so spirited evolution and form. Sometimes words just fail to be apt in what I want to convey, consequently, photography has been my other avenue. Infrequently, I would journal my thoughts here about the progress of this website or how I should move forward. Overall, I hope that my writings could inspire you, move you or if it may put you in tears or at the very least stir something inside of you so that you start to create. If you must, do offer feedback or advice on any of my writings. I would gladly hear it with open ears. Enjoy!