S.H. is a passionate individual involved in the world of Biology, although, she very much insisted that studying viruses is her favorite. Ironically, her life to pursue a career in research is stalled as she stumbled into an ambition block1. Her life turned around and her career in research begun at 25. She is ambivalent and diluted her passion with poetry. Her discovery for writing was since 11 years of age and 6 years later, started her first blog, purpleuniversiti. Her writings invokes deeply on emotions and is an avenue for her to put them in retrospect. Upon maturation, she also writes on human behaviors and humors on acceptable societal norms.

Heartbroken and tongue-tied, she began to put her visual perception in use. Her keen interest to capture a genuine smile and natural beauty of people and the surroundings, have led her to capture photos using her camera. Her collection can be found in instagram @SHpicshots.

1Borrowed context from the formally known as a ‘writer’s block’ but involving occupations and career dilemma.