Category: Chapter 6: When all you need is a smile

I saw a pair of butterflies, Fluttering freely In a garden of evergreens. ~S.H.~

No, It’s not the same. The wind blew sideways. And I ended up smiling. ~S.H.~

If there’s one thing, That I should understand. Life is a multitude, Of rain and rainbows. It isn’t monochromatic, Neither definitively demarcated. There’s in betweens, And overlaps and complications. With…

July 22, 2015 / Chapter 1: People you meet

I like the way the sky lit up. Glowing yellow rays of sunlight, With patches of white clouds. Telling tales of the future and past. I like the way the…

Dear sky, Did you see me, In the lights of their eyes. Worthy, To be held that high? For I have open hands, With a wounded soul. A heart that’s…

Maybe it will be like the seasons , Passing by for different reasons. Like a bird that flew across the seas. I am glad it’s spring now. ~S.H.~

As if a single seedling, Has bloomed into, A beautiful flower. Reflecting light into, The deepest, hardest ore. ~S.H.~

March 20, 2015 / Chapter 5: Crazy Outbursts

I drown myself in noise. Blur blurry  random sounds. Keep that emotion silent. Under the covers. I’m alright. Down. Up. Drown. ~S.H.~

March 10, 2015 / Chapter 1: People you meet

Everyone has this simple and beautiful touch: A smile 🙂 ~S.H.~

Source:   If love is in the form of Heart-shaped bubbles. The kind that float and settle gently On the palms of your hands.   I will blow as many…