A Cure For A Broken Heart

The heart that is inexperienced has a fragility of a crystal glass.

But it can regenerate once it is broken like any wound, it will heal.

Though, it takes time and time may not be in favour as life does not wait for us.


But the heart will become stronger when it is healed.

When the lightning struck a tree into half,

Sunshine, a light that heals penetrates through the cracks,

Out comes a new born tree, greener than before.


So, if the heart is fragile as the crystal glass,

A tiny pin that pokes through will shatter it to pieces.

So is it possible to not break someone’s heart in your lifetime?


For if I indeed penetrated your heart till you bleed,

I have no cure, left with an apology that is just words,

Helpless indeed.


In this journey, I would search for its cure.

So if I do break someone’s heart,

Then I could save them with this cure.


Because sometimes the damage was done unknowingly,

And it will be the most perfect remedy to this conflicting end.

A cure for a broken heart.


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