Dear Self,

Remember how you used to be in that pit? Well, you climbed out. You did.

Everyone else didn’t believe you. Or they saw and they get scared but they don’t do anything. Or they say why don’t you go and paint or watch whales, like you haven’t done it. Yea you did try to tell them. Once in awhile, show your representation of that pit. But to no avail.

Well at least, you knew that you were in that pit. That made you determined to come out from it. And because of that determination and also not letting this very thought “that nobody understands” hinder you or thoughts of self-pity (of course not entirely) you overcame it.

And it felt scary at first. To be out is like walking in sunshine after months in a cave. You question sunlight, or anyone bringing them. Holding them like a torch. But over time, you get used to the sun.

So and for that. You’re worth it. Even if no one knows what you did. You know how you did it, and that itself, is much more valuable than anything else. A survivor of that pit.


Future me.

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