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Why can’t kind soul meet another kind soul? Does it have to be the opposite, always? Does it have to be that a kind soul must be tested in 3000 ways by meeting a dishonest, unkind, selfish douche?


So that, that kind soul finally becomes just like everyone else? After being tested and trialed?

Always being misunderstood and constantly blamed upon for being “too kind”. And for always being blamed upon when upholding their rights? That kind of injustice lives on, over and over again. And the vicious cycle of doubt, over consideration and over compensation just to appease the ever so called douche and their unprecedented blame and accusations.

Why in the world does a kind soul has to meet multiple unkind souls, that aim to just absorb the kindness and drain them of their light and goodness?

It does not make any sense.

Its utterly morbid of others to misjudge a perfectly good and kind soul. How they actually construed and overstep their wants and needs and that ultimately leads to the kind person having an outcry and breakdowns and anger.

And those things were seen as disrespectful and stupid behaviour when the “stupid behaviours” are actually caused by a single denominating factor: An unkind and selfish soul.

So stop you unkind souls with your dementor behaviours of sucking everything thats beautiful and wonderful for the sake of yourself. You make the world a horrible place. You caused so many harm and unjust. Oh and dont start with the “you’re just sensitive” talk, when we know that, it is you who have been there before and you chose to be a light bloodsucker. Save that for those who have hurt you and caused you pain. Don’t do it to the people that is just trying to help, to the kind souls.

And never blame us when we leave. Because it contains hurt from 10 million overstepped boundaries that we didn’t dare to say to you because we were just being considerate.

If you’re an unkind soul reading this. I hope that these words can pierce your very heart and put you into a state of realisation. An enlightenment I should say. No, a slap on the face. Don’t go blaming on others and reflect upon yourself. You are very well aware what you are doing.

If you’re a kind soul reading this. Let’s form a group and we can fight this unjust by surrounding ourselves with people like us whom we don’t have a constant anxiety of how to act. And whom we can trust.

It’s time to form an alliance.

This demarcation is extremely necessary.


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