Mr Disraught

Wrote this way back:


Mr. Distraught,

You open this heart.

Into a care, I’m concerned.

By what you brought.

To this simple-minded girl.

You’ve made me shudder.

This world.


Mr. Distraught,

Untie this knot.

I’ve been feeling overly worried.

I never meant to put you in a spot.

And throw this naught away.

Yes I ought.

To fight for the values I held close.

But my heart won’t let it say nay.


Mr. Distraught,

Uncover this thought,

I hate to see you in that blind spot.

They tried to give you,

The last shot.

And you blew it out of range.

Hey mister,

You know I’m here.

I will never.



I will never let you rot.


And the situations running wild.

Like a crazy firing squad.

And you just have to bear a little while.

Tell them the truth of what you feel.


Mr. Distraught,

You know that it’s your fault.


And now I’m sitting, lonely thinking,

About Mr. Distraught.



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