It envelops me.

The loneliness,

I enjoy and crave.

I decide that

I love my own lonely place.

Alone time,

It is like a cloak,

I can snuggle in.

I can surely be safe.

And sometimes it overwhelms me.

Most of the time,

It does.

Meeting new people,

Strangers talking to me.

Strangers knowing me.

They hug me.

They get close.

I get scared, terrified.

I don’t know them.

I didn’t tell them about me.

It feels like I have no control.

And sometimes its inevitable.

Sometimes the event is huge,

I lost my time to others.

And then I get so agitated.

So stressed.

So constricted.

So I run.

Far away.

I close doors.

I lock it.

I run as fast as I can.

From you.

From all the rest.

From everyone.

From the noise.

I like it;

My inner peace.

My alone time.


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