To Do and Deal

To write a note.

And ask for votes.

When nothing can be made, a change.

Is like to put on hope.

Then the answer: a nope.

And all your glimmer of light, fades.

To live on a mountain,

Then try to enlighten.

The hidden enchantments,

Of the beauty of nature,

Is like to deal with assortments.

And tumble through enhancements.

Made by humans through architectural configurations.

To understand humility.

And represent the community.

Is like to fall,

Underneath the crumbled walls.

To jump in a motionless sea.

And create a wave of endless fantasy.

Is like a double punch,

Off inclined lunge.

If any of these ever make sense.

To shout and write.

With no wrong or right.

Is like an uncontrollable decision.

That makes unbelievable actions.


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