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Happy New Year, Readers! Hope your 2016 will be a terrific one! I admit that I have been quite silent for the past few months partly because of school and also because of a project.
I was lucky to have found another avenue to express myself through Photography in 2015.

Do you notice any difference?


Change has been extreme for the past year, taking me to roads I’ve never visited before. So, in conjunction with 5 years of blogging , I’ve decided to take it to the next level and migrated my site here!

Welcome to Ahmareth!

Now that proper introductions are settled. Thank you readers for being with me years worth of heartbreaks, love and happiness. Continue to look at the little things and never stop exploring and going beyond boundaries to find yourself.  If you like poetry and photography then here’s a new ode to it.

Now that 2015 is over, purpleuniversiti will not be available anymore but fear not a new chapter awaits! Thank you for your support!:)


Your writer S.H.




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