Written Notebooks

I realized I write a lot. There’s notebooks and loose papers of poetry, journals and then there’s blank untouched notebooks that I like to keep as a collection.

And this does not restrict to papers.  There’s notepad apps filled with ideas, more poetry and words that don’t make any sense. There’s ahmareth and social media, word docs in my computer. 

They’re everywhere! 

Like literally.

I tried to combine those loose papers in a folder but it keeps building up. Even if I had chosen a nice notebook specially for writing, it will never be used. It’s just the fact that my handwriting is horrible. And the fact that the book is too perfect to be splotched with ugly inks.

I still kept all of those filled notebooks. The ones that contain dried up tears and horrible English. Most importantly, they contain memories and adventures.

Let’s put this into perspective. If I were to  organize and compile everything, it will result in a volume or two maybe? Worth of poetry, reflection/journal, prose and appendices: figures, drafts and incomprehensible drawings.

Maybe I’ll scan some and show it to you guys.

Till next time.



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