After An English Test

English lavished through countries a mile.
Like an epidemic that spread across worldwide.
Though forcing it to be the mighty fiat up high.
The lord of all language a master of rise.

Before the globalization came,
No attention paid.
To make sure we speak and talk the same.
Being different is not a barrier.
But an example that everyone could learn.

And so English has become the exemplary common.
And every word there is a definition, distinction,
And so a word must be used with precision.
I ponder about distinguishing them.

Like hope and expectation.
Lust and passion.
What about ?
They left in overlapping demarcation.

Maybe English was chosen for its simplicity and lavish confusion.
Uttered in a highly prestiged tone.
Or the passerby laymen that sells pence a cone.

Nevertheless, it is done.
The voice of Rome.
It is gone.
The ancient Hebrew and Greek.


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