Afterthought: The Labyrinth

We are in a labyrinth of suffering. There is a constant struggle and it may be the same thing over and over again. Or it may be a more difficult pain and suffering. Would you choose to stay in the maze or choose to end it ‘straight and fast’?

Going there straight and fast is losing your presence in this world. Losing essence, death. Staying means going through this never-ending maze mistaking dead ends with a way out and right directions with wrong.
It is endless.

I choose to be in this labyrinth. Along the way, I might meet strangers enticing me with offers of the way out. Ironically, they are still lost. Or when death seems so irresistible. But I won’t succumb to that. There is nothing in this world that appeals to me. As I know for a fact that nature favours entropy. Everything here is bound to fall apart.

The things that are invisible are what appeals to me because the bonds can last even after death. Their value is worth the time and money. Like people, even though they will be in ashes or decomposed, they have souls and souls are eternal. I make a mental note to remember the beautiful things they offered, even when I had nothing to give but prayers.

Yes I am living in a maze, I do not know where I’m going sometimes. But my ‘Great Perhaps’ is not for something as perishable as this world. It is for there. And going through this maze must be the ‘Great Perhaps’.


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