Category: Life

April 25, 2022 / Freshly-written

They say that ignorance is bliss. But really, the more you ignore a problem or an issue, the jarring and overwhelmingly apparent it becomes. Undeniably visibly present like a zit…

November 17, 2021 / Feelings

What is this curve,A bend in the ajar doorway?Saying hello to greenery?Opened to a stronger gush of wind,Pushing me further, towardsThe end of this.Into a magical realm. Am I too…

December 10, 2020 / Chapter 1: People you meet

You were wrong I was wrong too Both of us need something to work on. Both of us were wrong. ~S.H.

June 6, 2020 / Freshly-written

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

May 20, 2020 / Life

So my sleeping diary is a total failure. Yes, I still have insomnia. Yes, I do sleep, not all the time. Does sleeping in the day to make up for…

May 10, 2020 / Freshly-written

Sometimes thinking a lot just puts me in a spiral. Have I done it right? What are the impacts I have on others? Do all of these matter? I have…

May 8, 2020 / Freshly-written

It has been awhile since I wrote here. And here we are again. The world has changed tremendously for the past 5 months. Cooped up in our houses forces us…

October 24, 2018 / Life

Some things can’t be hidden, No matter how much You tried to hide. ~S.H.~

October 18, 2018 / Freshly-written

I would like to submerge myself 

In the sea of loneliness. 

So I can breathe easy 

And listen to the sounds 

Of what my heart pleads.
I would like to…

August 19, 2018 / Freshly-written

Fallen dusts into Pieces like crumpled paper You lit fire And ashes flood The walls The burnt dusts Settled onto The bottomless heart Just to let it Flood again The…