What is this curve,
A bend in the ajar doorway?
Saying hello to greenery?
Opened to a stronger gush of wind,
Pushing me further, towards
The end of this.
Into a magical realm.
Am I too indulged? 
Too careless to see the hiss,
And the sighs,
And the grunts,
Of the people nearby.
And what they prayed for?
I feel too indulgent in this stead,
Asking for more.
Is that why, I put myself,
In this blizzard and treacherous trail,
Up the Himalayas?
Should I not,
Gain this fortune.
And give it away,
For the grunts, the battered,
Lost and disemployed men,
On the streets?
Am I too indulgent?
For finally seeking what I want,
And finally glimpsing that pot of gold?
For alas maybe,
I could even live on the moon?
Am I?


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