I prefer

My old sweater over a fresh jacket

An old book with darkened pages,

Moulded with a “book scent”

Over a new one.

I prefer an old friend,

To finding a new soulmate.

I prefer comfort,

Someplace I don’t feel afraid.

Someone safe.

I prefer knowing

The storms and crazy winds,

Over unexpected tsunamis.

I prefer being in control.

When I meet someone,

I feel first.

And I prefer meeting an old friend

Over someone new.

Uncertainties terrifies me,

If I don’t understand you

I cannot be with you.

If you’re going to be a guest,

Then I’d put you in the extreme corner.

Away from front gates and castle.

I prefer my own.

Over another.

Because knowing their true intentions

Terrify me.

I don’t want to know.

Or I’d be living in worry.

If it gets too uncomfortable,

I’d run free.


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