In the end

Even after the hurricane of sudden stab in the chest.

I still do not wish to step towards the cage you’ve set up.

Even though sometimes I miss it’s smell,

The interior, ambiance, and enamoured bliss,

Freedom feels way too good for me.

To express resentment, sadness, not giving enough,

Yet still being treated like I matter in this world.

I deserve to be in every waking moment of this life.

To be treated with respect.

And not waking up to fear every second,

Suffering in silence and being discarded as and when,

I attempt to withhold my silence,

As and when I decided to think about myself.

To be manipulated and treated like dirt.

To be blamed for being in the relationship.

To not be given attention as a form of punishment.

To be messed around like a ball.

After all the torment of a soft stride.

My voice tells me to halt.

You think you can control me.

But I know well enough,

Controlling me fuels my rebellion.

The gates are making it’s final progress,

Locking and filling up gaps to prevent your sneaky manipulations.

Your cage cannot fit and will never be large enough,

For kindness, compassion and true love.

It is only fit for deceit, yourself and your precious ego.

A world that sucks forgiveness out and implanting dark questions.

I walked away.

Locked the gates.

And breathe in sunlit and fresh airy sea.


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