Forest Drive

Hoisted up in a trance,
My mind crawls into its default episodic rerun.
It happens when I barely held onto reality,
When the pain is too much to bear.

This episode found me,
Stranded in a temperate forest, barefoot.
I shudder as winds blew from behind me.
My vision blinded by the fog,As a displaced tree root, tripped me.

I thought I heard a rustle,
I quickly got up and turned around,
And came face to face with you.

I fell backwards,
As you stared right through me.
Am I what you’ve been searching?
What does it all mean?

Awoken from my trance,
I felt sore at my ankles.
This time my daydream caught me.
It grabbed me by my waist,
And gravitate me through the day,
Despite not feeling any pain.


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