Soaring Through Air

Ever since, the wind that howled every night,
Died,I have not found a single drop of sea water,
On the hood of my car in the parking lot that day.

Not a single hope of light,
Shimmered and dispersed into a rainbow.
But oh boy, that joy spread through wherever,
And I smiled.

I thought about the half-a-dozen excuses,
And months,
You went away, and I buried myself in a newfound anger.
But it faded.
After I understood that events, and people,
Have expected patterns,
Like a sinusoid;
You will emerge from a low, eventually.

That realization, ever more so,
Build the desire to break the predictability,

But confidence is an Achilles heel for many,
As when it bites more than what it can chew,
It crumbles.

So I left.
Broken my very first,
Sine wave.
And live like a brave seagull,
Through the winds that howled every night.


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