Your World

You uncovered your mind
And it is filled with dark secrets
I tried to look brave
Yet I cowered in fear.

I walked a thousand miles,
And tried to get away.
But your world engulfed mine.
I had nowhere to stay.

For months I camped out,
I lost my way back home
The train to home never stopped, where I stood
So you came and took me away.

Back to your home
Deeper into your abode,
You stood with wonder
But all I see is thunder,
Dark clouds and empty closets.
You, living in sorrow-filled loneliness.

Everyone loves shiny things,
So you kept me close
And I let you keep me.
To light a little flame,
Soon it wore me out.

I didn’t know if,
I could handle your world
I didn’t want to,
Be afraid of unknowns.

But your universe is a series of “Grimms’Fairytales”
And mine arestories from “Disney”.
Showered with sunshine,
Hope and everything cozy,
Rather than damp, moody,
And all things chilly.

Your world is peculiar, distinct from mine.
Intrigued and driven by my eager mind,
I could have explored for years,
But unusualness is a friend of fear.

Oh look at how these two collide.
Curiosity begs for an adventure.
But it almost killed me inside.


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