I wonder

Sometimes I wonder,

Should I look within or look outwards?

The beautiful image that people want to be seen,

Or the dark secrets they hid inside their hearts?


Sometimes I wonder,

Should I believe that everyone is good or everyone makes mistakes?

Their eyes that shines brightly from the magical light within,

Or their wrinkled forehead of worry of the mistakes they’ve made?


Sometimes I wonder,

Should I oversee their motives or dismiss them?

The idea of commensalism that benefits without causing harm to the other,

Or the idea of a mosquito sucking blood of its victim?


So, what should I do?

To give despite knowing the truth?

Or be a selfish self?


Everyone depends on everyone, so just give?


I think I should just take everyone as what they want.

And I should believe that everyone is good,

Hard as it may seem, they are good.


I’ve begun to realise that I’m overshadowing the reality with my fantasy.

But I am certain this would do justice for everyone.

As everyone deserves a chance,

A chance to redeem themselves from the depth of darkness.


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