Purpose of this trip

This trip was to prove my mum, dad, best buds that I can survive in a foreign country, Alone, and come back alive.

I made them promise to reward me with my favourite food (ice cream) when I come back.

They worry even before I came here. Didn’t believe that I can stand one day without crying.

I’m trying to prove that I’m fine. They forgot that I got someone more powerful than any being in the whole wide world.

And to be honest I thought I was gonna be very depressed [like the dormitory at school]
But no. I get to see stars every night.
I get to watch butterflies
And birds
And trees
And clouds
And there are friends who would stand up for you
And laugh with
And talk to.
It is endless.

Being here is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Now I wonder how I’m going to survive going back home and facing school the next two days. And I have school EVERYDAY. Gonna graduate next year but I want to keep schooling. I need to work though so maybe in the future?

The one thing I’m looking forward to is the cat. Been dreaming about it non-stop.

Mum I am fine. Don’t worry too much. You have other kids to worry about. Just pray for me.

P.S. Had to miss my primary school friend’s wedding 🙁 she looked beautiful! Wanted me to be her camerawoman but I wasn’t confident enough oops.

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