The L Word

That four letter word
Undergoes transformation.
It became light on the tongue.
Like a common verb.

Its depth is misinterpreted
To be shallow.
It had turn murky
So people waddled only
On it’s surface.
Afraid to dive in.

And its true meaning
Gets lost in only stories
And lighthearted myths.
Whispered amongst those
Who still believed.
Laughed amongst those
Who belittled it.

That four letter word
Became a curse
To those who mixed
Ink with water.
It became confusing
And frustrating.

When it is actually an antidote
To the whirlwind of stepped boundaries.

And with antidotes
There are special instructions
To consume it.
And it is only ever able to heal
When it is presented and received
in good manners.


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