Times Like This

At times like this,
I’ll take my bike.
And go as fast as I can.
As far as I can.

Take my tears off to some faraway place.
Wash them way.
Wash them away.

At times like this,
I walk alone in crowds.
Watch unfamiliar faces go by.
People I don’t know pass by.

Leave my thoughts to wonder.
Make them louder.

At times like this,
I stay real quiet.
Let their words slide as if I’m just a wall.
Words go past me, unheard of.

Trip myself.
Let myself drown.

Until I realize.
The things I’m going to lose.

I’m not giving up.
It’s just,
At times like this,
You got to make yourself fail.
To go back up again.
To realize what you’ve got to lose.


People fight harder when they have everything to lose.


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