Is it all -
Just a scatter of debris.
You take it and swirl it around.
Like the winds in autumn -
leaves circle on the ground.
So easy for you,
To dominate and control.
That easy for you.
When will it be less -
Of a tug-a-war.
More of blend and compromise.
I hear you loud,
Your voice is clear and distinct.
Just because I speak gently,
Doesn't mean you can't try to listen.
So why do you make me feel like,
I was shouting when I merely raise it a notch.
If it is so difficult to put this across,
Then let me cross.
Let me pass.
"Nothing's that's worth it, is easy"
I just made it easy for you.
I guess it made you look like you were trying so hard.
I bury the unpleasant parts,
Let you see my smile.
Just know that,
I made it easier for you.


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