The Morning of Victory

Today, I feel grateful to have come this far in the journey of this life. To have a family that stays together even more during the times that required us to work as a team. To have made through the hardship of this disease and its impacts.

It is not the end yet. That’s what my friend said to me. I have the choice to change the ending. I can choose to believe that it will not end like before.

Is it too early to celebrate? Don’t get me wrong but this is not about celebrating victory. It’s about being eternally grateful about how far I’ve come.

Sometimes, you forget about the bad times and only remember the good times. And that makes one forget about the progress they’ve made. The truth is, everyone has progressed at some point or another. It might be a small step, but it is evident. The amount of push is dependent on how much you want it. What drives you is your desire to change. Like my friend’s advice it is not the end yet, so don’t ever give up.

The bad things in life, well it gives me this tenacity to continue and keep moving. It is okay to have moments that’ll bring you to a pause. Ultimately, it is to tell yourself that you’re taking a short break and not to entirely forgo the journey. Trust me, not giving up, could be one of your drive to push forward. Don’t undermine it.

And so here, everything that has happened in the past, happened. I accept it. And I forgive myself for the times I wasn’t able to deal with it in a perfect manner. I did my best. And I am ever so grateful of today.

Good Morning world 🙂


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