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So I’ve been working on a short film for a school event and things have been a little bit busy but exciting! Will see if I can post a video on it soon. 🙂 Here’s poetry for today:

You told me “nonetheless,

There’s stars above our heads.

We may be stuck here,

But always remember,

That all you see will fade.


And if you ever,

Feel a bit lonely.

Then lift your head.

And you’ll find that,

You’ve got company.

And this will all disappear.


If you get broken,

And swollen from bruises

Then open your hands.

Feel the breeze,

They’ll help you ease the pangs.

And mend your broken pieces.


And when you’re stuck,

Just watch the butterflies.

And you’ll dream of gardens

In heavens.

And every little bitter things,

Will disappear for here is not forever.”





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