There was no introduction.
More like abrupt action.
No obliteration.
Just pure pronunciation.
Of the heartfelt intention.
Simplicity that surpasses perfection.
Honest in a convenient conversation.
Engaged in an ultimate interaction.
Filmed with a deep caption.

Caught in a tangled misconception.
Drawing back to solicitation.
Engrossed in a fraction,
Of a second like a continuous traction.
Mesmorized by the thoughts of inspiration.
The possible infinite integration,
Intersection and inventions.
Diminished attention.
And found joy in deviations.

But soon enough lost in isolation.
Building frustrations.
Swerve through reservation,
And pushing through with preservation.
To undo suffocation,
Of the thoughts of other divisions.
Causing disruptions.
Filled with raging emotions.
Mind and heart refuse incorporation.
Conflicting information.
Lost conviction.

Stumbled through confusion.
Overshadowed fiction.
Hurtful deception.
In search of determination.
Eliminating questions.
Unified decision.
Hope wins the election.

Rebuild long gone passion,
And fear is faced by deletion.
Moving forward with a new destination.
Riding through with relaxation.
Relieving through realizations.
Appreciation. Gratification.
Happiness, conclusion.


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