Tag: Poetry

January 20, 2019 / Freshly-written

Ever since, the wind that howled every night,Died,I have not found a single drop of sea water,On the hood of my car in the parking lot that day. Not a…

November 11, 2018 / Freshly-written

You uncovered your mind And it is filled with dark secrets I tried to look brave Yet I cowered in fear. I walked a thousand miles, And tried to get…

October 24, 2018 / Life

Some things can’t be hidden, No matter how much You tried to hide. ~S.H.~

October 18, 2018 / Freshly-written

I would like to submerge myself 

In the sea of loneliness. 

So I can breathe easy 

And listen to the sounds 

Of what my heart pleads.
I would like to…

October 3, 2018 / Feelings

A flower slipped from her fingers

With a sudden but gentle thud 

It landed safely on the ground.

Although it is difficult to move a step forward,

She walked further and further away,


August 25, 2018 / Feelings
August 19, 2018 / Freshly-written

Fallen dusts into Pieces like crumpled paper You lit fire And ashes flood The walls The burnt dusts Settled onto The bottomless heart Just to let it Flood again The…

July 7, 2018 / Feelings

The surface does not cover your entire being.

April 18, 2018 / Life

I found my focus, No hocus pocus, Just in the zone. 100 samples are no joke. But when you get into the rhythm, The click of pipette tips. The swirl…

March 10, 2018 / Freshly-written

They said that destiny, Is written in the stars. It is a part of the truth. It is somewhere high above, Where He sits, near his throne, Written in a…